Dyslexia Advocates

Dyslexia resources and support for individuals, families, and communities

Do you know a struggling reader?

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Our mission is to support all - particularly underserved populations - with screening/assessment services, peer to peer parent advocacy, and community education. Contact us at info@dyslexiaadvocates.org to schedule a meeting with Dr. Tinkham and/or learn about possible subsidies for services.

We also subsidize tuition for tutors and teachers who seek more education in evidence-based approaches to teaching literacy and reading remediation.

Our Services

Dyslexia Screenings


Screenings help identify students who are at risk for dyslexia. With screening results, families can figure out whether further intervention and/or assessment is needed. A screening is helpful for a younger student who is struggling with reading.

Dyslexia Assessments


A dyslexia assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of reading and related processes. The result of this assessment will be a written report, and possibly a diagnosis. Assessments inform recommendations about appropriate interventions and accommodations. 

Peer to Peer Parent Advocacy


We provide peer to peer parent advocacy and parent consultations for dyslexia, including:  coaching, IEP and 504 Plan review, attendance at school meetings, records review, recommendations, and informal personal support.

Tutor Training and Teacher Professional Development


We subsidize tutor and teacher training and continuing education. Contact us for more information:  info@dyslexiaadvocates.org

Community Education


Cafe Chats

Meet with us at a local cafe for a low-key, informal chat about your experience with dyslexia. Join our community!

Dyslexia Simulation

Do you want to feel what it is like to have dyslexia? In the coming years, we plan to host more dyslexia simulations for groups of 12-40 individuals, guided by Dr. Tinkham.